Annuity Half Truths -

All Articles Written by James Alden

My Annuity Guarantees Me a 7% Return

This is the Number 1 Agent Mis-Speak still today. Here is how it came to be:

My Annuity Will go to the Insurance Company When I Die

A Common Myth that persists even until today. Alas, it is simply not true.

My Annuity Will Give me 100% of the Market's Growth and None of the Downside

Dorothy was known to say in "The Wizard of Oz"..."There's no Place Like Home, There's No Place Like Home..."

My Annuity is Not an Efficient Use of my Money

Often from the popular financial press one will hear that one cannot rely on an annuity contract for the exemplary returns needed to sustain...

My Annuity is a Substitute for Long Term Care Insurance

This half truth does not come so much from industry personnel; rather it derives from a pseudo comfort that many consumers have about their ...

My Annuity Cannot be Taken by Creditors if I am Sued

This compelling proposition has been promulgated by acontingent of insurance agents for a long while, often using ....

My Annuity Will Qualify Me for Medicaid

This antiquated suggestion was used in the past by agents as an inducement to purchase an annuity and primarily presented as a "gold card" for...

My Annuity Can Never Go Down

I have met a lot of investors that were under the impression their annuity would automatically earn 5% annually and never go down...When they.......

My Annuity is More Expensive than my Mutual Fund

This simplistic assertion should always be re-examined on a case-by-case basis methodically......the 2 financial instruments are apples and oranges.....
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