Annuity Truths

 All Articles Written by James Alden

Informed Annuity Buyers Act on Convictions of Safety,  Uninformed Buyers Act on Rates of Return

Truly. What I have been calling here as the SNAP principle. It is different than the outright concern on rate of return and all the emotional turmoil that comes with that choice.

Annuities are Traditionally one of the Safest Financial Instruments Around

Confused at all the conflicting information in the popular press about annuities? Fawget About It ! Let's look at the industry's verifiable historical safety record .....

Annuities are Legal Contracts

Yes, they are.And that is a good thing, and much better than a handshake. Handshakes can fade, but the letter of the law sits potent in your safety deposit box where you may review your policy from time to time.

Annuities are Owned by Smart People

It is fun to see the popular press disparage an annuity like a playground bully. Eventually redemption always comes when there is a market correction, a bank failure or some other systemic malfunction of the economy - and those same naysayers are humming a different tune.

Annuities Pay a Commission to the Selling Agent

The many - sided argument for and against commision -based sales has gone on for decades.As a consumer you can often smell "commission breath" from salespeople, whether that be the shoe salesman in retail, the banker offering you "free checking" or even the waiter offering you desert.

Annuities are as Good as the Company Behind Them

Think of your annuity as the warranty on your vehicle. Imagine after nine years of ownership an issue arises that requires attention from the vehicle manufacturer.

Annuity Contracts Come From Companies in the Business of "Managing Risk"

Although you can purchase an annuity from some bankers, your policy is underwritten (signed and accepted liability for) by an insurance company whose job it is to manage risk, not the bank you may have purchased the annuity at.

Annuity Sales Records Being Broken Year after Year Because of 3 Demographic Tidal Waves

There are 3 trending waves in this country that are causing annuity sales records to be broken year after year.

Annuity Contracts Guarantee Lifetime Income With or Without an Income Rider

Small The current boom in equity indexed annuities being sold on street corners like koolaid on August afternoons has a lot to do with the invention of the lifetime income rider on annuity contracts which came out in late 2008.

Indexed Annuities Were Designed to Rob from the Banker not Raid from your Broker.

The equity indexed annuity is so commonly pitched and portrayed by insurance agents as an equally matched athlete to your stock portfolio that it is no wonder we have the social phenomenon of the Ambiguous Annuity.

Annuities Come in 4 Different Flavors (Types) 

Deciding what type of annuity to purchase is often a decision based on 2 things :
1) Your Comfort Level with Risk
2) Your plan on when to start taking a lifetime income.

Annuities Have Only Become Complex Due to the Low Interest Rate Environment

Do you have any food allergies ? You know, those strange physical reactions you have to certain food-stuffs that others don't think twice about consuming ?
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