Annuities are Owned by

Smart People


 It is fun to see the popular press disparage an annuity

like a playground bully. Eventually redemption always

comes when there is a market correction, a bank failure

or some other systemic malfunction of the economy -

and those same naysayers are humming a different



So, who is wise in this world then?


Well, annuity owners are not wanting in this department it turns out........ 


Now, I don't know if Einstein owned any annuities....but you don't have to be an Einstein yourself

to realize that when the architect of our federal financial policy has some of his largest holdings in these

financial instruments it might be worth considering...





                                                                                           Yes Ben Bernanke's largest holdings are in annuities.....

                                                                                                                              maybe he knows something others don't?








Not to be outdone by his own employee, even Bernanke's boss

is publicly proclaiming the virtues of the

lowly annuity to the masses:


And just when you thought that it might be a mild conspiracy

within a small circle of the government......


...then along comes the non-partisan GAO, the Government Accountability Office.


So the President, his Fed Chairman and the Government Accountability Office are all in cahoots

on the annuity it appears....



I don't know which remaining esteemed celebrity in

our culture who could possibly add even

more credibility to this amazing financial instrument...




Oh, I just remembered!


But seriously, perhaps the more accurate adjective to explain people that own annuities would

be "prudent".


Annuities are reliable, predictable, realistic vehicles chosen by prudent investors who want

guarantees, that's all !


And that makes them SMART.....Shrewd, Measured, Appropriate, Retired or Retiring, and Tenacious!


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