The Safe Money Singer is an online - based consultancy for retirees and pre retirees who need help navigating the complex environment of insurance products, namely annuities, and who seek the lifetime income guarantees associated with these financial instruments. For the consumer, the consultancy provides an informative and patient process, using entirely personalized video illustrations and online conversation, and incorporates up to 50 different annuity providers while utilizing the 4 safest types of guaranteed annuity contracts (SPIA. DIA, FIXED, INDEXED). No variable products are offered. 

The consultancy provides insurer ratings information from all 5 major agencies (AM Best, Fitch, Moodys, Standard and Poors) as well as the lesser known non - compensated rating agency called the Weiss Ratings Agency. Safe Money Singer consulting also may include suggestions for deferring income guarantees until points in time of potential negative life events, such as death and consequent loss of social security payments and/or pension losses, or, for that matter, any future possible downturn in income. 

Annuities were designed with the idea of aiding a retiree to "always have spendable income". The SMS consultancy provides an informative and thoughtful process that contrasts with a conventional industry approach of the commission - based agent visiting the home for "that one opportunity" to sell a (one size fits all) policy. 


The Safe Money Singer dialogues with prospects through multiple and progressive video illustrations that will adjust up to 38  "moving parts"

(see FAQ) within a product  / strategy selection until the prospect chooses what the best in the marketplace is available from up to 53 different carriers for their unique circumstances. Each annuity strategy /  plan is unique.

The Safe Money Singer attempts to turn the tedium and the uncertainty of the annuity purchasing process into a more palatable one by the use of thoughtful personalized video education, good humor (hopefully), client references and a self authored musical jingle onsite.


Safe Money Singer consulting is entirely free and is made possible by the commissions generated from prospects who eventually became clients.

The Mandate of the SMS

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