Frequently Asked Questions 

Q) What is the Premise Behind the Safe Money Singer? 

              The Safe Money Singer website is an earnest attempt from             

              an agent with 20 years of experience in the annuity industry to               provide"appointments in a box" for safe - money - minded investors who would like to see visually how all 4 types of annuities within todays annuity marketplace (using no less than 50 annuity providers) are guaranteed to behave for the next 2 and 3 decades in the investors life. The intense detail of these illustrations allows the annuity shopper to know they will be getting the best deal available for the time that they are applying.


These video illustrations will convey financial benefits which may meet or beat future:




This "appointment in a box" idea is accomplished through

PRIVATE VIDEO ILLUSTRATION(s) sent to your email inbox.


There is no obligation whatsoever on your part to receive a video. 



               The Safe Money Singer is not a mass production zone.

               There are plenty of annuity sites for that type of request.

The time involved in creating videos is very time consuming. He is looking for only a few serious clients each month that would simply like to know everything that the annuity marketplace has to offer at the time they are shopping. Video Annuity Illustrations are unique to each individual based on a multiplicity of moving parts, let's call them ping pong balls:



















Q) I don't really want to get into too much detail, please just

send me a standard video illustration.

Inflation 0 - 5%
20 +
Death Benefit Options
family life expectancies
Ownership and
An illustration request that does not take into account
each of the above ping pong balls 
is too superficial for the Safe Money Singer's time, sorry!
Level Payments
Male /

Q) Can't you just give me the best rate?  

              This is not an uncommon question and it is forgivable! But it

              points to the nearly universal misunderstanding of the

              annuity instrument.


Although annuities in the form of MYGA's (Multi Year Guaranteed Annuities), which mimic Bank CD's in most respects, can be offered with a rate of fixed interest on principal for a specified term, the majority of annuity owners use their annuity plan(s) for income needs, both now and / or in the future....


The actual numerical income benefits provided by annuity contracts will differ in hundreds of different ways and the rate of return on your funds till income is "turned on" will differ in a hundred different ways as well.


Q) Yikes, so confusing. I suppose that is why there exists an agency system when it comes to purchasing an annuity.




             And I have a term for annuity shopping. I call it "Financial

             Dentistry" is tedious, sometimes painful....but ultimately

             necessary. If one can get through the intellectual and emotional gauntlet, so to speak, it will be worth it in the end. 

Most of the "nebulousness" surrounding the virtue of annuities will dissolve after watching a Safe Money Singer video illustration.


Q) Dude, wheres my video? I ordered it from you three days ago.

        Videos are generated on a first come first served basis.       


        They are also generated according to literally how

        seriously they are desired. If you have not received a video soon after requesting one, it is possibly due to the fact that you did not fill out the request form fully and / or did not answer the phone when I called to verify some information.


The Safe Money Singer must focus his efforts on video illustrations for families he intuits are serious, versus those still immersed in the uninformed mentality of the "what is my rate" mindset (which is understandable) but will never show what an annuity plan will actually do. This is not meant to be harsh; there is simply a limited amount of time in the course of each day. Each illustration is custom crafted, one client at a time.

Q) How long does it take you to create, compile, record, and upload each video you send?

        Depending upon complexity, each video takes 1 to 4 hours to

        send, not counting follow up videos which will amend and improve the results being discussed with clients.


One can see from the laborious nature of this work, that I can only focus on a few serious clients at a time over the course of each month. In this respect I surely may lose business, but it also means that my business relationships are rock solid and my clients have zero misunderstandings regarding the annuity plan they are pursuing. And by zero, I mean, zero.


I will hold that the"annuity intelligence" of my clients is higher than that of any other annuity agents clientele out there.


The  Safe Money Singer is my own methodology, my own competitive creative advantage and it also satisfies a personal need that I have to pursue business relationships on an ethical level that leaves no stone unturned.


This approach to annuity shopping may work for you if you are :


* analytical 

* sensitive to the complexity of the annuity

* sensitive to the integrity of financial service providers

* not wanting to feel sales pressure


The Safe Money Singer also acts as one stop shop as I will be showing the ledgers from 50 different companies and utilizing the 4 types of safe annuities (meaning, not variable annuities) and their offerings and making suggestions for unique income strategies in the future.

Q) You have chosen a rather cumbersome way to proffer these financial products.

And to that I would reply: "Caveat Emptor" to all those who choose other ways to obtain their annuity.

Q) Whats up with the guitar? Why the jingle?  

            Because of the "Financial Dentistry" thing. The tedious         

            nature of this business needs to be softened a fair bit, in my


I remember when I went to the dentist as a kid. My dentist had aquariums in every room, there was always fun music being played, there were hilarious pictures on the wall. The owner obviously knew how to make an uncomfortable process more palatable.

Q) So you really want to be a musician when you grow up?

It would be extremely cool to write an acoustic hit of the import of Fire and Rain, by James Taylor, circa 1968. High bar, yes.

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