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James Alden is the Original Safe Money Singer.


Every English word you see

on the Safe Money Singer 

came out of the head of

James Alden.


It's all his fault.


He has been offering safe money contracts for over 19 years.


He believes annuities can stand on their own feet with their contractual guarantees and their unique qualities when compared to other financial instruments. He is also uncomfortable with much of the industry's current nonsensical sales practices.


James lives in Huntington Beach in Orange County, California. He plays guitar and hockey when he is not meeting clients or updating this site.


James is willing to meet online with prospective annuity buyers through live video chats. James also loves to travel and jump on planes or trains (or even camper vans) free of charge out to your location for minimum premium amounts of $200,000 or larger.


He can be reached at 949 500 5478.


And remember:  ......he really

doesn't like the guy in the

green glasses to the right,

especially if he is trying

to sell you some form

of insurance!




Read James's "I Don't Care" Manifesto below:

I Don't  Care to Question your 1,000 Questions

Since by them I Learn All my Clients' Impressions.

I Don't Care 'bout the Latest and Greatest and Shiniest Product

The Big Print can sell it, but the small Print can block it 

I Don't Care Someone Told you, Your Account will Rain Money

Just Please Come Back to your Senses Honey! 

I Don't Care if my Colleagues make more money than I.

I know what my dreams are; it's not about pie.

I Don't Care if you get your Annuity from Me

But When You do Get It, You "Get It" you see.

So if my Care-Less-Ness has endeared you a spot

Please Drop me a Line and Give me a shot.

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