Never Before Have so Many People with so Little to Say Said so Much to So Many


It is the summer of 2013.


As websites and blogs profilerate like rabbits on verdant spring
afternoons, these are Interesting Times


Then again, perhaps I should have removed the capital from the

letter "I" in the aforementioned "interesting".


Because it is actually quite the opposite.


Perhaps I should have been more accurate and

changed these times to "ambiguous."


Alas, the moniker of my website once again

expresses an enduring timely sentiment, it appears.


Ultimately, I can only pray that the average

level of discernment (and I mean average as

in the sum of all American "Einsteins" plus all

American "Clowns", added together, divided by

their complement) amongst the readers of blogs

of internet content, specifically, in my case as it

relates to financial information, have the prudence

and life experience to discern truth from non-truth;

that is, truth springing from origins not tainted with bias,

versus the other "truth" fully tainted in such opposite fashion

such as having the added seasoning of hyperbole, verbosity and

auto-suggestion that ultimately could pique a truly 'practiced'

human (that has actually taken chances in life and hopefully failed )

to feel an emotion that suggests ..."it just don't seem right...."


You see,  as an author, and marketer, and purveyor of goods and services online, perhaps I am merely like everyone else in this web - based medium. I can suggest to the world online that two plus three is actually 6......and were I to combine such an absurd idea with a compelling dictum, a good square jaw, perfectly clean skin, and a healthy bio appealing to traditional red, white and blue sensibilities, I might be capable of almost hypnotic powers.


What I'm saying is, or attempting to formulate, is this...


I have noticed in increasing frequency, that the mad online rush to disseminate, bloviate and hyperventilate sweet and sizzling information relating to a product or service that you, Joe and Mary Public...


  "simply did not know the truth about."...


has some misgivings you might want to consider, if you have the prudence to do so...


Alas, however, I am mocking the mocker here, to quote an Old Testament aphormism. Such announcements might be feable.


Let me be more upfront with another of my analogies.


I remember selling Koolaid on a summer day in the great, great summers of Canada. Pure skies, clean sun, grass so pungent you could date your diary by its smell....


Well, anyway, there was this one time that we had set up a Koolaid stand to sell Koolaid, and I had taste-tested the product prior to making it available for market. I noticed, however, that we simply had not put in enough sugar into the mix for the modern day palates that would be traversing our location. I knew this, and yet, for whatever reason, I had pretended to not know this.


We sold some product that day, but not much. In fact, it was kind of a grey day in sales, so to speak. Dull, uniform, perfunctory..there was no sizzle, no real happy happy customers which ultimately were more important to our 12 year old sensibilites than revenue.....


It had been just a sleepy day, in fact..

basically felt like what "work eventually

became as I got older!"


So, the moral is, obviously, if there is no

real flavor, no real "bite" - to the message -

but just a lot of color (what I call bloviating)

I suppose no one will be fooled.


And if you are fooled, holy cow, are you



Thank Gosh my clients are

Ambiguous Annuitants and not so

easy to fool, however.


So I guess my message - in this message that you are reading - (a message replete with hypocrisy and self indulgence itself I suppose),




 What is the message being disseminated by these self appointed messengers?


I have 3 Thoughts:


1) How does the "message" make you feel (in comparison to eating, for example)


a) Still hungry (waiting for the message)


b) Sick, like from junk food, (ate a bad message)


c) Fully satiated and now in the process of digestion (reflecting  upon a healthy message)


Once again, I am preaching possibly to the hopelessly unconvertible here...


2) Can you walk away with the message a better person?


Or did someone just rent some free uninvited space in your frontal cortex for 5 minutes ?


and finally...


3) Are you really studying, doing your homework, or are you being lazy because you just wanted to know that the information disseminator had "some credibility".....


For the 3'rd time, I may be preaching to the unconvertible.....(sometimes it is hard to sing in front of a crowd that is not not listening )....


What I be selling folks, is pretty serious crap....


The "Legal Tender" that represents a lifetime of, that would be pretty serious crap.


Cast not your pearls before swine, obviously.


So, please study, do not get sucked into the

"bloviators combine"..


Make it hard for me.


Make me earn your business.


Make me think deep thoughts and express them here and do not let me slip into the abyss of "content creators" who never saw content if they stepped in it.


And thank you for the intellectual gymnastics you may have had to perform to make it the finish line here.







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