Most Annuity Buyers Have a Similar

Profile - Does Yours Fit the Bill ?



I have noticed over the years that the majority

of my Ambiguous Annuitants are quite similar

in temperament when it comes to thinking about

their money. In fact, they are markedly different

than other investors.


I have chronicled some thoughts in a simple

comparison. This thinking should not come

as a shock to most of you out there.

It is important for the reader to understand that

there are no right or wrong attitudes here; there are simply different attitudes. The idea that there are right or wrong attitudes might stem from the labeling that financial advisors or sectors might apply to those particular consumers who may not have an intrinsic interest in the product(s) that they might be offering.

















1. Ambiguous Annuitants Do Not Enjoy Spending Lots of Time Watching Their Money. They have other interests that they prefer to spend time on.


Market Oriented Investors have Enough Interest and Energy to Invest the Time and Study Necessary to Keep Their Money Growing.


2. Ambiguous Annuitants Faithfully Accept the Concept that Insurance Companies are Sufficient Managers of Risk for their Money.


Market Oriented Investors are Inclined to Manage Risks themselves.


3. Ambiguous Annuitants  Take Satisfaction That Their Funds Never Go Down.


Market Oriented Investors Take Satisfaction if their money grows significantly.


4.  Ambiguous Annuitants are attracted to "Contracts, Guarantees,



Market Oriented Investors are attracted to "Growth and Opportunity"


5. Ambiguous Annuitants simply do not Lose  Much

Sleep with the Arrival of Economic Gyrations,

Political Shenanigans, or even Terrorist Incidents

(I know this from personal experience).


Market Oriented Investors are very busy during these times...

re-organizing, coordinating, and meeting with their broker to

(hopefully) avoid losses in their account values.


6. Ambiguous Annuitants do not need to  (although they tend to like to)

talk to their agent very often,  in general, as there is simply less

account management with annuities.


Market Oriented Investors have, (in my opinion) significantly more requirements to be in regular interaction with their broker.


7. Ambiguous Annuitants are more conscious of how much money they keep.


Market Oriented Investors are more conscious of how much money they make.


8. Ambiguous Annuitants  make their emotional purchasing decisions on a needs - based orientation, namely, based on their awareness of their need for SNAP.


Market Oriented Investors make their emotional purchasing decisions on a wants-based orientation, namely, based on their desire for simple personal GAIN.


9. Ambiguous Annuitants have (obviously) overcomeany negative stereotype, in general, in the popular press concerning annuities.


Market Oriented Investors - generally speaking, that is  -  can become addicted to high returns. As such, they often dismiss annuities in the same spirit that the popular press does.


                                                                             10. Ironically (in light of #9 above), many Ambiguous Annuitants

                                                                                   were once Market Oriented Investors in a "past life".


                                                                                   But, (and this is interesting), Market Oriented Investors almost

                                                                                   never come from the Annuity World.


                                                                                  Hmm, I guess on this last point it is kind of worth considering

                                                                                  how Annuity Buyers tend to just stay there; I guess they must

                                                                                  like it!


Now, tell me, where do you fit in...?


Thanks for reading.




Top 10 Attitudinal Differences between  :



Ambiguous Annuitants 




Market Oriented Investors

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