Let's face it, Annuities can seem Ambiguous ...!!!


But that's only because most people do not understand them.


In Fact, we can surgically take the ambiguity out of the annuity and make it a SNAP  to understand, IF you know why they were designed in the first place:


Safe. Annuities were designed by Insurance Companies to compete against banks whose customers craved guarantees on principal with growth. Annuities are meant to always be there for you, even when the market is declining, or your health is declining, or the interest rates are declining. By definition, annuities are simply contracts between you and an Insurance Company wherein you receive minimum written guarantees as well crediting strategies that may exceed those minimums.


INcome. Annuities were designed to provide income you cannot outlive, either through interest, annuitization, or income riders.


Asset Protection. Annuities were also meant to protect your assets for your lifetime and be there for your loved ones as well. This is how they are most commonly used of course.


So there you have it.....


are Really a 

S.N.A.P. !   




Now since this sounds so glib, please read the rest of this site to get a further perspective on what I mean.


Annuities were never meant to compete with the returns you can get in the stock market. You will make greater returns in the stock market! (If only you knew when to get out).


Annuities were meant to compete against Bank CD's. Annuities were also meant to protect you 100% when the market abruptly loses value. Very few investors were ready for the 9-11 drop of 2001 and the Sub-Prime fiasco of 2007.


Alas, my annuity clients never broke a sweat during these periods. And thus proved the redemption of my annuity career. Their funds, with interest, were still waiting for them :


Safe, INcome and Asset Protection.


If anyone is attempting to promote an annuity to you, and it is getting a little confusing, it is probably because they are straying away from these core principles and inflating returns, conflating features and cajoling you beyond the guarantees written in the contract.


I understand this. I was taught to sell annuities the same way!


Annuity Volume  Purchased by US Consumers in 2013 :

$ 230 Billion

* (Fixed, Equity Indexed, Variable, Income, etc..)


Top 10 Equity Indexed Annuity Carriers for 2013 :


1. Allianz Life

2. Security Benefit Life

3. American Equity Companies


5. Athene USA

6. EquiTrust

7. Midland National Life

8. Jackson National Life

9. Symetra Financial

10. ING



Last Ten Years US Annuity Volume Purchased (Variable, Fixed, income etc....) 


2004:  $ 221 "B"

2005:  $ 217 B

2006:  $ 238 B

2007:  $ 257 B

2008:  $ 265 B

2009:  $ 235 B

2010:  $ 222 B

2011:   $ 238 B

2012:  $ 219 B

2013:  $ 230 B


"...Those are B's, as in Billions..."

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